How to Use Google Docs for Writing Blog Post?

If you want to write articles using Google Docs, then in this blog post we will tell you the complete process how you can write articles through voice translation with the help of Google Docs. The process is very simple, just follow the guide below and you too will be able to voice transcribe on Google Docs.

Google Docs offers you the ability to transcribe voice in many languages, although there are many other websites and tools on the Internet where you can transcribe voice, but most of them are paid tools. Google Docs is completely free, which Using this you can transcribe voice in multiple languages. Along with this, now you can also save your documents.

What is Google Docs ?

Basically Google Docs is similar to Microsoft Word where you can save the document and edit it. Along with this, you can create many types of documents. Not only this, today there are millions of users of Google Docs. You can also manage your document with the help of Google Docs, you can also edit it.

People usually use Google Docs to write block posts or even articles, because it is the easiest tool. You do not need to install any kind of software, just by visiting Google’s website, you can access it, you can also save your documents in many formats.

The best thing about Google Dogs is that it is absolutely free, where you get to use multiple templates. You can choose the template as per your need. Many times you create your resume for the office, Google Docs can be of great help to you in creating a resume, because there are many already made templates here, using which you can easily and quickly edit your documents. You can create or edit.

How to Use Google Docs for Writing Blog Post?

Using Google Docs to write blog posts or articles is very easy. We have shared below step by step darshan guide for you, with the help of which you can compose your document on Google Docs. Along with this, Google Docs also gives you the feature of voice transcribe, with the help of which you can write your article in a few minutes.

  1. First of all, go to the Google Docs website, for this type this URL.-
  2. This is the shortcut of Google
  3. After that you select document Template
  4. If you want, you can use a blank template to write an article.
  5. After doing that, you will be able to write the article here.

How to Convert Voice to Text ?

The best thing about Google Dogs is that here you can edit your document in the same format, as well as you can voice transcribe with the help of Google Docs, that too for voice transcribing in many languages ​​given below By following the steps you can easily convert your voice to text in multiple languages.

How to Convert Voice to Text
How to Convert Voice to Text
  1. For this, first you search in the url
  2. After that go to Tools option and select Voice Typing
  3. After that a voice typing window will open in front of you, by clicking on which you can choose your language.
  4. Click on Record button to record the voice
  5. Google Docs voice typing features will type your voice in realtime

Last Word

In the end, I would like to tell you that if you are a blogger or want to write articles or make notes, you want to prepare a resume for the office, then Google Docs helps you a lot in these tasks. You can login through your gmail id and also save your files.

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