How Does Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Works

How does Fingerprint Scanner work? What is Biometrics? We all have a fingerprint scanner in our phone, which you would also use it to secure your phone. In this digital age, fingerprint lock is considered extremely secure to keep the information of every person.

But ever you have noticed how this fingerprint technology works, how it recognize your fingerprint and unlocks your phone. Hi friends, my name is Aditya Singh and today we will talk about, how does fingerprint actuly works.

Friends, whenever you register a fingerprint on your phone or to secure a private document, for the first time, your phone takes an image of your fingerprint and then whenever you scanner your finger, then the system checked register fingerprint And your fingerprint. If both fingerprints match, the phone gets unlocked.

What is Biometrics?

Today, all people use fingerprints to unlock their phone and computer and strengthen their security. Your fingers are not similar to other people, no two people have the same fingers. Scientists have studied fingerprints, handprints and other body prints, including patterns on people’s tongue. Biometrics are the science of studying the characteristics of the human body. Here we will share many information with you which will increase your knowledge along with some interesting facts related to fingerprint.

Fingerprint Patterns

Fingerprint Common minutiae Patterns
Fingerprint Common minutiae Patterns

The fingerprint provides extremely easy and secure feature. Nowadays the fingerprint has become very common. All smartphone manufacturers put fingerprint sensor on their phone. Many types of fingerprints can be used. Identification of any person can be detected through fingerprint because the fingerprint can never be changed, so the fingerprint is the most secure.

Fingerprint for Identification

Fingerprint identification is very effective to identify person. Fingerprint has many patterns. Usually, all fingerprint sensors record these patterns and store it on the device in the code format. The next time you place your finger on the fingerprint scanner, the fingerprint scanner system matches the fingerprint you have registered if the match is properly , then the device is unlocked.

Types of Fingerprint Scaner

Types of Fingerprint Scaner
Types of Fingerprint Scaner

Fingerprint scanner is of three types. First capacity fingerprint scanner second optical fingerprint scanner and third ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Thousands of capsitors are used in capacity fingerprints, which reads the fingerprint and it is considered the cheapest technology. Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner uses ultrasonic sound wave to map the fingerprint and optical uses lightwave and image sensor.

Now this is the type of fingerprint scanner, now we talk about what happens in our fingerprint that it separates from others and the fingerprint scanner suggests that this fingerprint belongs to the person he has registered .

Now here you will look at your finger carefully, you will see many curved lines in it, in which the line has emerged, it is called ridge and some pit is called Valley.
Now after this you look carefully at the fingerprint of your two finger, now you will see here that both are the same, but it is not the same, then how does that fingerprint scanner know that this is the fingerprint of two different people.

How Fingerprint Actually Works?

If you look at the fingerprint carefully, then you will see the ridge line going somewhere, it becomes split in two parts or else it is making a size of the island type or creating different structure. We know these different patterns by different names. Now where this line ends and a pattern is made, it is called Minutiae.

Fingerprint technology records this Minutiae and is stored in digital format, here it does not store your entire fingerprint. Now we talk about how the fingerprint scanner works, as I have already told you that the fingerprint scanner is 3 types, the first capacitive fingerprint scanner which is normaly placedon the back side of the smartphone or used in power button or home button.

optical fingerprint scanner that you will use to verify the Aadhaar card or on the ATM machine and it is also used in display fingerprint scanner or generaly used in external fingerprint scanner devices and third ultrasonic fingerprint scanner technology is also used in a phone with under display fingerprints and is usually use in the medical field.

How does capacitive fingerprint scanner works? This technique consists of thousands of small capsitors on a plate, which stores the electric current, now these capsits are so small . If we touch the capacitor from the ridge of the fingerprint of our finger, the store charge starts to change in it, now there is no change in the capacitor that remains below the ridge, because there is no conductor touch. And with the help of these capacitors, a map of your fingerprint is prepared, then the same digits are matched, the last time you registered on the fingerprint.

Light and image sensors are used in optical fingerprint scanners. When you place your finger on a scanner or display, a light comes out from inside and it collides with your fingerprint and this light reflects to your fingerprint and goes on the image sensor, then the image sensor capture your fingerprint and It does stores it in digital format and then when you put your finger on fingerprint scanner, the image sensor immediately matches all the Minutiae of your fingerprint and the phone is unlocked.

But friends, this fingerprint is considered a less safe technique. However, this sensor can be easily cheated through a good picture of the fingerprint. For this reason it is combined with capacitive scanner. This technique works to find out whether there is a fingerprint on the screen?

This technique can only be used on a smartphone with OLED display or smartphone with AMOLED display because the OLED panel is quite thin and its pixel itself glow and when you touch the fingerprint area , there is a automatic light glow, from which the light reflect with your fingerprint and goes to the image sensor under the display and recognize all the Minutiae of your fingerprint, which you first registered on your phone and then compare both of them in digital format and see It is that this fingerprint is the same person whose fingerprint has been stored earlier, when everything is right, your phone gets unlocked. Friends, the process is only a few seconds.

Ultrasonics fingerprint scanner, then it is considered the most secure technology. This technology is used mostly in the medical field, but on a lot of flagship smartphones, you get to see ultrasonic fingerprint. Now to use this technology, it is very important to have a smartphone with oled or amoled display. The difference is that instead of image sensors, ultrasonic sound wave is used to map your fingerprint minutiae. There is an ultrasonic wave transmitter and receiver.

As we have already told you that there is a little difference in the ridge and valley in our fingerprint, now the sound wave first refelect with the ridge reaches the first receiver and the soundwave who collides with vally of the fingerprint is comparatively later goes into this way that ultrasonic fingerprint prepares a 3d model of your fingerprint which is very secure.

Fingerprint Fun Facts

  • Every person’s fingerprint is unique, meaning your fingerprint will not be available even with your other hand.
  • The twins also have different fingers of fingers and friends become fingers before the birth of children.
  • As people grow up, their form can change, hair may be brown or white, and may change the shape of the face, but one thing that does not change is their fingerprint pattern.
  • Your fingers remain the same throughout your life. This is why fingers are used to identify criminals.

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